Landscape Committee

About Landscape Committee:
  • Manage landscape maintenance contractor relationship. Review and monitor landscape maintenance contractor performance against contract. Review the landscape maintenance specifications and make recommendations for changes and adjustments on an annual basis
  • Facilitate contract process for landscape maintenance contractor
  • Ensure proper maintenance of association irrigation systems
  • Evaluate the current landscaping conditions and make appropriate recommendations to the Board for review, comment, and approval
  • Identify any deficiencies in the current landscaping or ground maintenance and document any required corrective actions
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding planting projects, walkway additions, annual landscape maintenance and improvement projects, and other enhancements to common areas
  • Develop detailed Statements of Work (SOW) to correct identified deficiencies and provide to the Board for review, comment, and approval
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors for expenses in the Committee’s area of jurisdiction to be considered for inclusion in the Association’s annual operating budget
Committee Members:
Mary Young (Chair)
Raj Bakhale
Madhu Kunuthur
Joseph Kilty
Board liaison - Shelby Caputo