Where can I find information about the BGHOA annual budget?
The BGHOA budget is voted upon annually. Community residents may request a copy by sending an email to Jason Eglin (jeglin@ghacm.com) , Portfolio Manager, GHA Association Management.

Do BGHOA residents have access to a pool?
The BGHOA pool is located along Fairhunt Drive in the Belmont Glen Village community. The pool will open at 10:00am on May 26th!

What is the schedule for trash removal and recycling?
The waste management company for the community is Patriot Disposal. Trash removal occurs Tuesdays and Fridays; recycle collection occurs on Tuesdays. Yard debris is collected on Monday’s during the April – October timeframe. View the 2017-2018 holiday service schedule.

I’m new to the area and not sure if I belong to the Belmont Glen HOA or a different homeowners association. How can I find out?
At present time, the Belmont Glen HOA only includes residents who live along the following roads:

  • Corro Place
  • Fairhunt Drive
  • Moreland Point Court
  • Belmont Glen Place
  • Larue Court
  • Leesylvania Court
  • Holly Knoll Court
  • Guildhall Drive
  • Julia Street (42426-42439)
  • Lady Fern Place
  • Walkley Hill Place
  • Glassmoyer Court

If your address isn’t referenced above, please check with your builder.

If I want to add a fence, deck or trees to my property, what is the process to submit for approval?
If you want to make changes to the exterior of your home and/or surrounding property, it is important to understand the guidance provided within the Belmont Glen Community Association Handbook.  You will need to submit an Architectural Design Review Application, along with the required documentation, to kriehl@ghacm.com. You can also mail two (2) complete sets of the documentation to: Belmont Glen HOA, C/O GHA Community Management, 44927 George Washington Blvd. Suite #225, Ashburn, VA 20147

What are the “required” documents that I need to submit with my Architectural Design Review Application?
To ensure a timely review and response to a submitted ARB application, you must submit the following information as it applies to your application:

  • Detailed written description of improvement including placement, construction/installation details, etc.
  • Plat/survey of your property/lot indicating the location of the proposed change on the plat.
  • Sketch, photo, or manufacturer’s brochure showing design/stile of the improvement.
  • Description of materials. Color/finish of the material – include color samples.
  • Architectural plans/drawings (for major additions/improvements) – construction details. Elevation and overhead view drawings are required for improvements such as decks, screen porches, etc.
  • Grading plan, if applicable.

Why doesn’t the community lawn service maintain the patch of grass between the sidewalk and the street?
This area of property is the responsibility of the homeowner and should be properly maintained along with your lawn.

What are the snow removal guidelines for our neighborhood?
Snow that is on the sidewalks in front of each home is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. County ordinance (Chapter 1022) requires the owner/occupant of a property which has a public sidewalk adjoin or touching the property in front, rear of either side, to clear or treat that sidewalk for snow and ice within six hours of a snowfall (by 12:00pm for overnight snowfall). The County Department of Building and Development is responsible for enforcement of this ordinance.

What are the guidelines for holiday lights and decorations?
The BGHOA has published Holiday Decorating Guidelines for your reference. Please note that all external holiday lights need to be turned off by midnight. If you have any questions, please contact info@belmontglenhoa.net.