Swimming Pool Opens

Hello Belmont Glen HOA residents!

Our pool will open for the 2019 summer season, on Saturday, May 25th, at 10:00 am.  

The summer of 2018 was our most problem free summer for the Pool Committee and we are looking forward to another summer of poolside fun and relaxation.  Our pool will continue to be open ALL 7 days of the week! A big THANK YOU to the many residents who expressed their wishes and the board members who continue to make that possible.  

We will continue with our simplified pool pass distribution process by eliminating the pool pass application document.  Instead, you only need to arrive to the pool during one of the distribution dates with a picture ID reflecting your address.  You will be issued passes for each permanent resident of your household (2-years-of-age and older), as well as guest passes, then sign a ledger acknowledging receipt.  Only one person per household is needed to get passes. All other rules and procedures for the use of our pool will remain the same.  

IMPORTANT: In an effort to conserve, if you still have passes from a previous summer, please bring those and we will update them for 2019.

Dates for pool pass distribution:

Fri, May 24th, 6:30-9pm        Sat, May 25th, 9am -11am    Sun, May 26th, 11am – 1pm

Sat, May 25th, 6pm – 8pm

PLEASE try to pick your passes up during one of these times.  If it is impossible for you to pick your passes up during the opening weekend, additional pick up times will be announced. Thank you for your understanding and being considerate of our time.

Pool Hours while public schools are IN session:

May 25th – June 7th ,  and Aug. 22 – Sept. 2nd

Pool Hours while public schools are NOT in session:

June 8th – August 21st

Monday – Thursday             4:30pm –  8pm

Friday                     4:30pm –  9pm

Saturday,                 10am –   9pm

Sunday                    11am –   8pm

Monday – Thursday                  11am – 8pm

Friday                         11am – 9pm

Saturday                     10am – 9pm

Sunday                         11am – 8pm