BGHOA Committees

Landscaping Committe:
Bill Lau, Chairperson
Corinne Reilly
Raj Bakhale
Mary Young
Steve Scott

Architectural Review Board Modification and Change Committee:
Frank Voigt, Chairperson
Shelby Caputo
Tilak Dronnavalli
John Whisler
Chris Johnston

Pool Committee:
Kevin Mataxas, Chairperson
Rachelle Bissessar, Co-Chairperson
Gwen Shaffrey, Secretary
Lisa Christopher, Pool Party Request Coordinator
Kelly Reib, Pool Committee Social Events Coordinator

Neighborhood Watch Committee:
Vacant, Chairperson
Byron Bissessar
Chuck Perry
Amy Johnson
Aparna Raghavan
Fernando Gonzalez
Shelby Caputo


We are currently seeking new community members to join our committees – if you are interested in becoming an active participant, please email with your name, address, and the committee you are interested in.