What’s NEWs for You?!

Patriot Disposal Services: Yard Debris Pickup and Holiday Schedule
Please note that Patriot’s yard debris pick-up service runs April through December 4th. As part of their holiday schedule, the service that falls on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, is rescheduled for Saturday, November 25. More details regarding Patriot’s holiday schedule

Halloween and Diwali Decorations
We hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween and Diwali holidays! Thank you to all who made the community bright and festive with all of the decorations. Please don’t forget that per BGHOA’s Holiday Decorations guidelines, decorations should be removed by November 5, 2017.

BGHOA Condition Assessment and Reserve Fund Plan
The state of Virginia requires a reserve study every five years to determine the necessity and amount of reserves required to repair, replace and restore the common elements or capital components. A plan is designed to protect owners from fiscal problems and financial hardship. BGHOA has had its first reserve study prepared and you can view it here.

Continued Diligence is Important to Protect You and Your Property
Residents are reminded to continually take measures to ensure the safety of family members and property. Suggested actions include:

  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Always lock car doors and the door that leads into your home from the garage
  • Turn on driveway and yard lights (if applicable) at dusk and keep them on throughout the night
  • It’s best to park car(s) in the garage but if this isn’t possible, turn your front wheels in a sharp angle; this will make it harder to remove the front wheels

If you see something strange or out of place, please don’t hesitate and contact the LCSO at their non-emergency line at: 703-777-1021.

The Board is still in need of a Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair. If you are interested, please contact BGHOA at info@belmontglenhoa.net.

Stay Connected and Informed
BGHOA has a dedicated Facebook page where community-related information is shared. If you haven’t already joined the Belmont Glen Community site, you can find us at @belmontglenhoa. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on things affecting our community, upcoming events and connecting with your neighbors!